Vaporesso Luxe PM40

POD MODs are brilliant devices for discrete vaping and they are also very pocketable! These are a few reasons why I love my POD MOD so much. When I am on the go, I can slide my POD MOD easily into a pocket and use it on demand, without the bulkiness that most regulated MODS possess. BUT… most POD MODs suffer from the one thing that can ruin your day… LEAKAGE!

Leaking POD MODs is one of the most common complaints I get from fellow vapers. Some devices leak so much that it puts people off from using them. It all comes with the design of some of the coils and PODs they are using. But before we discard them for good, we have to understand why this is happening…

Most POD MOD coils feature a bottom air inlet system. When the coil is inserted into the POD, the juice ports are usually on the sides, the cotton on the inside, and the air inlet at the bottom. When the juice gets into contact with the cotton, the process of siphoning starts where it will wet the cotton completely and evenly. This is also true for a lot of other everyday things (such as a kerosene lamp, a Zippo lighter, etc.) where the wick will remain wet when submerged in the liquid. When the cotton gets saturated, and not being used for some time, the juice starts to leak out of the bottom air inlet and into your device. When the device is in a pocket, and not upright, the juice leaks out of the device and onto the fabric of your favourite garment…

But are there devices that does not leak? WELL… this is a good question, and the answer is fortunately yes!

When I got the Vaporesso Luxe PM40, I was skeptical when it was labeled as a “leak-free” device. I expected this to be a marketing hoax and that it would be no different from any other leaking POD MOD. I was wrong…

The Vaporesso luxe PM40’s secret lies in the design of the POD itself. Although the coil is also the traditional bottom air inlet system, Vaporesso added a third o-ring at the bottom of the coil, that acts as a seal. The POD itself features an additional “reservoir” that is separate from the juice reservoir. The air inlets of the POD are then on the side of the POD and slightly elevated.

When the coil siphons the juice out of the bottom, it is collected in this bottom reservoir and then recycled through the coil every time you take a vape. This is a very intuitive design that means no more juice-stains on your shirt pocket or your designer pants.

I have been using my Vaporesso Luxe PM40 now for several weeks, and I have had ZERO leakage so far! Am I impressed? OF COURSE! Would I recommend it to anyone? Well, my sales numbers of this POD MOD speak for themselves!

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